$4.99 per min.

A thorough look and assessment of the individual's mind and spirit and the question/s that are pondered and in need of guidance and explanation. A restoration of hope, faith, and security. A reading that has the individual's well being first and foremost.

*Greetings* The focus of my education is Mysticism. Western Astrology which is based on solar cycles and Chinese Astrology which is based on Lunar cycles, I incorporate the combined knowledge of how together they influence an individual's mind, personality, and spirit.I am Clairsentient by definition. Often it is much more than that. My third eye is ever present in a state that is conducive to itself.I am traditional and I like the old ways. I cast runes and I've been doing readings for 10 years. When the runes are cast and the old wisdom speaks, the picture becomes complete. The divination represents the whole in a unified way. The runes order themselves to mirror the reality of the one who asks.It is an auspicious time to ponder your question and receive a blessing.You're always welcome to take this journey with me. May all your days be blessed and may you walk in the light.*Maggnussn*

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