Mystic Eyes



$6.99 per min.


I am an open and honest reader, if you are having issues regarding anything, whether it be love, family, career, pets. I am here for you.

My Name Is Desiree, And I'm A 3rd Generation Natural Born Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudience & Clairsentience. Which Means I Can See, Hear And Feel Your Past, Present And Future. I Have Over 15 Years Of Experience, Open And Honest In My Readings, With Mind Blowing Accuracy.

I Will Read Your Issues And Situation About New Loves, Old Loves, Marriage And True Soulmates. This Will Bring Me To See Exactly Where The Problems Are, By Looking Into The Past And Present To Show You The Future Path That Is Ahead For You. You Will Find A Deeper Understanding Of Who You Are, Giving You The Guidance & Confidence In Yourself To Bring More Love & Happiness Into Your Life.

  • Does He/She Think About Me?
  • Is He/She Cheating?
  • Does He/She Love Me?
  • Will A Relationship Ever Develop?
  • Curious About An Old Flame? Past Lover?

If Any Of These Questions Are Lingering In Your Mind, Do Not Hesitate To Call Me.

I Can Bring Clairity And Understanding Back Into Your Life.

100% Honesty

99.8% Accuracy




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