Mignon Divine Medium

Mignon Divine Medium


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☆ Psychic Clairvoyant ☆ Angelic Reader ☆ Medium ☆

Please have pen and paper ready before your call. 

Ask, Seek, Knock
"And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened."(Luke 11:9-10)


I am Mignon Divine Medium. Skilled in Tibetan discernment, Shamanistic visioning, and Navajo dream analysis. With half a century of intense study, apprenticeship and education in healing and spiritual studies, your REAL ANSWERS are here.

Trust and honesty are my core belief system. I seek knowledge and atonement at all levels. My efforts are geared to improve my own standing in the universe as well as yours. Put out good and good will be multiplied back to you, the definition of good Karma. I ascribe to one truth as a guiding influence in all I do, God. Omniscient and omnipresent in our lives, God has many identities and names throughout our universe. Rest assured in the knowledge that God is eternal and has existed before, during and always. I will guide you from a standpoint of true gifts and faith.

When we surrender all our needs and wants and honor the moments. We open doors to miracles. Let us each be reminded that, each and every breath we take is a miracle. Within each breath, we have the awesome ability to reach all heights, to bridge all gaps and to bring to us that which we have chosen. Allow me to help bring your victories to you. Nothing is impossible. I embrace all people. No question is considered frivolous. Call me.

Dear Mignon,

It was awesome to talk to you again today it soothes my soul. Here is the miracle report I told you about-- you can share it just please leave my name out of it: When I first talked to you several years ago my daughter and I were estranged. At the time she was hospitalized due to serious depression. You told me to have faith and that she will come out of it and that she and I will bridge the problems. When we finally reconciled she told me that while in she was in the hospital a beautiful woman with dark hair came to her in her dreams every night and told her that everything will be OK. And it was. I think that woman was you! She and I are ok now and I thank you for your faith in me and your continued support.

D (Name Withheld) April 5, 2013

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Comments (19)

  • 1. gladden | Friday, october 06, 2017
Mignon is amazing! She saw that I would get the job I/we have been praying for and I did!!! She is a true psychic and friend. She kept me calm through every step of the very stressful process and provided accurate answers. I am so grateful that I have someone like her in my corner. For me, the wondering is over. Give her a call. She's the best!!! Thank you again Mignon!
  • 2. Prayerwing | Thursday, september 08, 2016
Mignon is so gifted and lovely. She will tell you to back off or speed up! She has been clear and right on God's target with my relationship, son, daughter and work! So, looking forward to all the miracles and each day she shows me a miracle. xxx
  • 3. Prayerwing | Tuesday, september 06, 2016
Trying to fit all the pieces together can be challenging but Mignon can see beyond the stars. She knows what others are thinking and will angelic guide you in the right path. She is a true gem!
  • 4. Prayerwing | Friday, august 26, 2016
It's a wonderful miracle dear Ming and you knew that my daughter would pass the term. She needed a miracle and came out with a 61%! Wow! She is one step closer to becoming a nurse and you said that this was her true calling and destiny. Thank you for praying for her anxiety to lessen and this beautiful blessing! xxx
  • 5. Prayerwing | Friday, august 05, 2016
Hope you're feeling better dear! It's wonderful when you have soulful connections as I did this morning with my aunts doc. I'm praying for her will and God's be known. Thank you for the guidance and connecting with my aunts spirit. xxx
  • 6. Prayerwing | Wednesday, august 03, 2016
Ming, you are truly amazing on seeing and hearing what others are thinking. You know that the vultures are after the money. I patiently wait and wait based on the love and hope you have provided. I will not feed the weeds!
  • 7. Prayerwing | Monday, august 01, 2016
It's wonderful to know the reasons behind the reactions of others. Ming is an angel and has a lovely blessed gift that puts life in order and helps you move on. It's amazing how she hears and communicates with others spiritually. She will give you the word by word play. xxx
  • 8. Prayerwing | Saturday, july 30, 2016
Ming, your clarity and love along with prayers, do make life beautiful and hopefully. Thank you for the RIGHT Path and guidance. Also, the prayers and sights behind the scenes. YOU do read others amazingly. xxx
  • 9. Prayerwing | Sunday, july 24, 2016
Ming, thank you for seeing the greed in the family and knowing my will and my aunt's will. You have always been a loving guide and knowing what rights in God's eyes. The battle today has left me exhausted but thank you for the uplifting news! xxx
  • 10. Prayerwing | Thursday, july 21, 2016
Ming, I finally figure how to leave feedback. Thank you for the insights and prayers. You have always been a rock and angel for me. I can't wait to add my miracles to this list. xxx
  • 11. Danteprata | Sunday, august 24, 2014
Thank you for today;s updates!!!!
  • 12. Danteprata | Wednesday, august 13, 2014
Thank you for today's reading! amazing!!!
  • 13. Danteprata | Monday, august 11, 2014
Thank you!!!! Amazing call as always! Thank you for the update..I could feel his energy today...and images of us being married have been with me since this morning!
  • 14. Danteprata | Sunday, august 10, 2014
Thank you Ming for today's updates. Incredible! Amazing detail and it is amazing because you don't know the people I am referring to.
You are worth every penny and have definitely made a different in my life.
  • 15. Danteprata | Friday, august 08, 2014
Thank you Mingnon for today's very detailed update of my situation! Amazing how you see into situations with such clarity!!! Accurate as always!!!
  • 16. Danteprata | Sunday, august 03, 2014
Thank you Mingnon! Very good and always on target! Thank you! Amazing how you see into a situation without knowing the people involved. You always impress me with your skills. You are the best!
  • 17. circledarling | Monday, july 21, 2014
Dear Mignon - Some how you knew I needed to hear the words of hope. You reached out to me at just the right time. What you taught me is how to heal my own thoughts. When I was down, you did not just walk me to the water and hand me the fish but you showed me how to catch the fish May God bless you, Mignon. You are very special - you are patient and kind and you continue to see the forest through the trees - and you're teaching me how to as well.
  • 18. Suzanne | Thursday, july 17, 2014
I want you to know that you blew me away with your reading of my situation today, and the answer from archangel was astounding! No other person on earth knew but me! I took a chance in calling but I've got to say you're worth every penny! You've been quick not wasting my money. People you've got to let her read for you. Sure you can pay less but why bother when you get this super gifted lady. Wow! All I can say Mignon is you blew me away with your details and accuracy! Suzanne
  • 19. dreamgirl1969 | Sunday, june 29, 2014
Thank you Mignon! The call came just when you said! You are ALWAYS on target!!! Simply the best anywhere.
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