Love Psychic Chrissy



$6.99 per min.


Are you wondering what's going on in your love life? With the help of my readings I can help you understand what's going on and what's taking place physical and spiritual as well, I will let you know if it's best to move on or to hold on I can help you get the answers your looking for and more, I will help you understand what your dreams/spiritual side is trying to tell you as well.

I have been doing readings for over 10yrs. I take my gift very seriously this is something I put a lot of energy in to help others when it's needed for them I am a natural born energy reader I became aware of my gift at a very young age and has the years went on my gift become more stronger, I also work in family owned psychic shops from Arizona,California,Nevada as well have done my own spiritual class for meditating, I have also done private events and parties and fairs of all kind I travel the world when it's needed for my services and also for my gift it helps guide me to different areas around the world in order to help people, I have also work on other places online has well as in between keen Kasamba and more in the past, I also had I radio show I would do as well when I was in my early 20s.



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